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Now A Telly Award Winning Voice Actor!

The New Year is upon us! And as we look forward and set goals for the year to come, we should also take time to look back on last years accomplishments.

One of my greatest achievements this past year was being part a Telly Award Winning ad campaign! It was such a pleasure to collaborate with the amazingly talented team at cre8gency. Finding out the campaign “Victorious” won two silvers in the oscars of commercials is the cherry on top. With extra hot fudge. And whipped cream.

I’m learning that its important to take the time to fully recognize and celebrate these little triumphs, as they allow our minds to expand and open up to new possibilities. Possibilities we may not have dreamed possible prior to those achievements. 

So in the wake of this awesome victory, I'll be working hard to make it the first of many.

Sky’s the limit.

- Lisa

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