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Why My Coaching Style is Different

As the daughter of a successful voiceover artist, this stuff runs in my blood. My entire life I’ve been immersed in the voiceover world. A lifetime of voiceover has led me to develop a strong ear for what works and what doesn’t, and that gives me a unique edge specifically in my coaching and allows me to quickly pick up what needs to be fixed. And a lifetime of acting in all forms including film, TV, theatre and voice acting allows me to draw upon a variety of techniques to empower my students to dig deep and cultivate strong acting skills to make their reads more bookable. 


Additionally, having built my business as a freelance voice actor from the ground up, I know firsthand what it takes to succeed in voiceover in 2022. From figuring out where to start, what to invest in, what studio equipment and setup you need, where to get clients to hire you, how to improve and master your craft, to running your business and marketing yourself as an entrepreneur - Whatever my students need help with, I’m always happy to assist. 


Level up your commercial reads & book more jobs in the most lucrative segment of the industry


Learn how to build rich characters for video games from the voice of Quinn Hicks in Beyond Contact


From corporate narration to explainers to eLearning and everything in between, learn what elements make outstanding narrations

& more

Reach out and let me know what part of the industry you want to brush up your skills in. With thousands of jobs under my belt, I'll be sure to have some insight

There is nothing more enriching than helping passionate and dedicated actors launch and improve their careers.

Why work with me as your coach?

My approach to coaching is rooted in a foundation of support and safe exploration. I always work to create a comfortable environment for my students to allow themselves to play and discover. From there we dig deep together and uncover the tools that will specifically help each individual actor level up their career. It is my goal to guide you to play, to see things from another perspective, and gain the confidence and tools your need to not only succeed in voiceover but thrive. 


Are you new to voiceover? Are you ready to take the first step toward becoming a professional voice actor? 

It can be very overwhelming from the outside looking in. You may be asking yourself whether you've got the talent, what skills you need to have, how to make money and get clients, and more importantly where to start? The best place to start is by finding a good coach. Someone who will be able to teach you the performance skills required to step foot into the studio. A guide who can support you through your journey and answer your questions along the way. Good news! I'm here you for. 


Already a working VO talent? Want to take your career and your booking to the next level?

In any creative field, it can be easy to fall into a pattern or a rut. What worked great 6 months ago feels stale today, but it's hard to see what's working and what's not working when you're directing yourself. Some of the most consistent advice I hear in this industry is to constantly work on your craft, and I love that. It keeps you fresh, current and constantly learning. If you think you could benefit from some one-on-one coaching the sharpen your skills and get some new ones then be sure to reach out.

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