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Voiceover has had a changing, powerful and long, changing existence. Throughout this presence, one thing remains the same: its unique ability to establish a strong connection. Keep on reading to learn more about the influence of voiceover and how incorporating it instantly makes videos better.


We are social communicative creatures. Tell me something I don’t know, right? Story telling is how we make sense of the world around us. Its how we establish meaning and make connections. Voiceover makes the message more personal than just plain text, as it puts the message into human form giving it personality. It really is the medium that matters, not the message - Marshall McLuhan.

(If you studied communications, you get the reference)


Voiceover has the unique ability to paint a picture with an emotional palette. As an actor, when I perform my voice work I don’t just read the lines in front of me. I create an emotional connection to what I’m saying, who I’m saying it to, and why I’m saying it. Simply displaying a video and some music will present a message, but it won’t create the emotional connection that it could if it had voiceover.

As the world we live in becomes more digital and automated, we seek out and desire things that are “more human”. I’m not saying we aren’t thrilled to be living in a time where there’s some sort of device to make everything 957,438,927 times easier, but that our inherent desire for human connection is going to becoming something that is sought out as it isn’t as innate in everyday life. And the emotive capacity of voiceover fulfills that desire.


Adding voiceover to media instantly gives the message more credibility. This perhaps can be explained by the genre of the narrator. The narrator is what voiceover began with and it still a remains an essential part of the industry and our culture. Like the role of the literary narrator, its presence is recognized by all as the voice of reason, explanation, insight, the dude who’s (usually) got your back and is telling you what’s up. So adding voiceover also adds authority, and creates a sense of trust.


Another reality of the digital age, the internet, and well video, is the fact that we’re bombarded by it ALL THE TIME. We subconsciously filter most of it out because if we didn’t we’d probably go insane. In order to stand out and not be “filtered out” by the people you’re trying to reach, you’ve really gotta go all out and make that connection. Voiceover makes the “filtering out” process tougher to do because it creates a credible, emotional, and personal connection with the viewer/listeners that keeps them engaged.

Its easy to browse past a banner, skip a voiceless pre-roll ad, ignore an email, or blindly absorb a message without connecting to it at all. Add a (good) voiceover in the mix and you’ll immediately level up your content, create an emotional connection, and make a lasting impression.

Skys the limit

- Lisa

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  • Lisa Suliteanu

So the year's 2020. And unless you live under a rock boulder, you’re on social media. Especially if you have a business. Its reach is pervasive, and its influence is undeniable. 

Whatever your relationship to social media, being aware of where SM is headed will help you grow your business, understand the changing SM landscape, adapt and adjust your marketing efforts, and just be in the loop! I’ve taken it upon myself to do a little digging and have curated a little list of the top 5 SM trends coming our way in 2020.

1. Ephemeral Content

Whatta whatta? Put into legible terms, stories. Yes, stories. Be it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok… they’re all here to stay. And grow! So if you’re not already utilizing this fun little feature, then I’d seriously consider changing that. Seen as an intimate way to connect with your network, stories offer the ideal relationship building tool to make your connections more personal. And thus stronger!

2. Social Commerce

The pre-historic days of ad-free social media are LONG gone, and following the tidal wave of ads and influencer marketing, it makes sense that integrating buying options directly into social media apps be the next step forward. Consumers love it because it simplifies browsing, and brands love it because it's another way to integrate into consumers personal spheres.

3. Video Content

Ah yes, we’ve been hearing this one for a while now. But it couldn’t be more true. In two years time, it's predicted that 82% of all online content will indeed be video. That’s a hell of a lot of video. But we love video! So if you’re not already creating/featuring online video content, you may want to consider it.

4. AR

Augmented reality (AR) sounds futuristic, but you’ve been using it for a few years now and may not have realized it. Snapchat and Instagram use AR in their filters. Augmenting reality with a made up face, some crazy facial hair, and even what you would look like as the opposite sex. Brands like Sephora and IKEA are also using AR in a more direct and practical way for their consumers. Sephora has incorporated in-store kiosks where you can “try on” makeup, while IKEA has created an app that can insert a piece of virtual furniture into your home. Because its still new, theres a lot of possibilities open right now for VR. More and more brands are going to start tapping into the possibilities of how VR can be useful to consumers.

5. Niche Media

Niche medias have seen a lot of success over the years as they fulfill more specific needs much better than general platforms could ever dream of doing. And as more and more niche media platforms emerge and grow, brands are going to be selecting which platforms they market on more carefully. For example, B2B brands will focus on ad space on LinkedIn as they can reach a much more accurate pool of their prospective consumer. Brands targeting youth will move to TikTok as the user demographic is mostly teens.

The common theme present in all of these trends is the integration of media into our lives. We want social media to feel more transparent, and strive towards a more harmonious unity between social media and reality. So whether you’re looking to tap into these trends to take your marketing plan to the next level or whether you’re a consumer whose curious about what’s next, get ready to see the line between social media and reality continue to get blurred. 

Sky's the limit.

- Lisa

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  • Lisa Suliteanu

The New Year is upon us! And as we look forward and set goals for the year to come, we should also take time to look back on last years accomplishments.

One of my greatest achievements this past year was being part a Telly Award Winning ad campaign! It was such a pleasure to collaborate with the amazingly talented team at cre8gency. Finding out the campaign “Victorious” won two silvers in the oscars of commercials is the cherry on top. With extra hot fudge. And whipped cream.

I’m learning that its important to take the time to fully recognize and celebrate these little triumphs, as they allow our minds to expand and open up to new possibilities. Possibilities we may not have dreamed possible prior to those achievements. 

So in the wake of this awesome victory, I'll be working hard to make it the first of many.

Sky’s the limit.

- Lisa

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