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Work With A Voiceover Talent That Prioritizes YOU. 

Why My Clients Love To With Me

I attribute all of the positive things my clients have to say about their experiences working with me to the fact that I always put my clients' needs first. In order to achieve my goal of making my clients happy, I give them the assurance that when working with me they don’t need to stress about serious concerns like making deadlines, waiting days for a response, getting high-quality professional-sounding audio, or worrying about receiving revisions on time. 

I deliver on all of this in several ways. Before we get started on a project, I always make sure to establish clear, open, and concise communication in order to make certain that we are on the same page. Once that’s established I can then plan my time accordingly to deliver on everything we’ve discussed — so that you can do your job quickly, efficiently, smoothly, and with an extraordinary voiceover that brings your project altogether. 


Always Professional

Professionalism is the core of how I conduct my work. All too often entrepreneur life means that small business owners forgo the standard rules of conducting business in a professional manner. I believe that professionalism is a sign of proficiency, competence, and most importantly, respect. 


My Expertise 

My over 20 years of working in voiceover allows me to approach my work with a level of confidence and expertise that my clients value deeply. I do my best to prepare for every audition, every job, and every session with the research necessary to understand the company or cooperation or brand’s mission, offering, and their unique needs. Then, I apply my knowledge and skillfulness in voiceover rooted in acting to communicate your message in the most human, connected, and impactful way possible. 

Collaboration is Key

Collaboration is my favorite part of the creative process of recording voiceover. So whether the job requires a live direct session or me recording the files on my own, I make sure to listen to the feedback my clients’ give me and do my absolute best to apply the direction they give. I like to think of this process as similar to detective work. The mystery needing to be solved is, how to get a fabulous voiceover that brings the project in question to life. The clues are a combination of the directions and supporting media the client provides and my knowledge and instincts as a voice actor as to how I can implement these points honestly. That is the detective work. To figure out how I can piece the clues together in such a way that comes from a place of real genuine authenticity. And that is why when the mystery gets solved and the winning voiceover is created — it feels like magic. 



What Clients Say About Working with Lisa

"Lisa was awesome. She delivered exactly what we needed, was extremely responsive, and a pleasure to work with. Total pro."

- Damian Brychcy

"Great communication, great voice."

- Ricardo Manavello

"Lisa was great, she did an awesome read on a beast of a script!"

- Chris Zecco

"We are thrilled to have had her on board. Great communication, very professional, superb talent."

- Sara Williams

Spot on, very easy to work with, takes direction flawlessly. 


  • Nick Marranzino 

"Lisa is a total pro in studio. A great voice, with a terrific attitude, she responds well to direction and understands about prompt delivery."

- Kim Handysides

"Lisa's communication is excellent. She provided us with a few takes, and all were great!"

- Nathan Beaman

Lisa was so great to work with! She took our direction perfectly... and honestly did better than we imagined. We loved working with her and hope to again in the future!!

Ryan Sanderson

"Couldn't be happier. Always such a pleasure to work with."

- David Bortolussi

"Quick, Crisp, Professional and Accommodating. I will definitely work again with Lisa"

Saurabh Ved

"Very flexible and open to feedback."

- Rob Kane

Very unique tone to her voice. A rich range. A true professional. An absolute joy to work with.

- Branden Morris

Fantastic work! Everything turned out amazing! Such a pleasure to work with." 

- Stefanie Farrant

"Prompt, accommodating, and a pleasure to work with."

- Sean Mancuso

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The above are just some of the companies I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with over the years. I’m always looking to expand the scope of work that I do and build new partnerships. But I also place deep value on strengthening relationships with clients I’ve already worked with. A problematic epidemic of freelance work is: companies hiring contractors once and then heading back into the chaotic talent pool when the next project comes around. This ends up hurting creative agencies’ productivity and efficiency. They need to go back into the chaotic world of online casting and listen to hundreds of questionable voice talents’ auditions until they find an actor who nails the read, only to hope they have the proper studio set up to produce the high-quality audio they need — and the professionalism and expertise to do the job well. That is why I always make sure my clients know they can count on me for any future work that might come up. Clients who have worked with me know that when they need a world-class voiceover delivered in a fast and friendly manner, I’m always there for them to rely on. 

I Value Both New and Existing Clients. I Value YOU. 

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