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You write the words. I bring them to life.

Professional Female Voice Actor and Voiceover Coach

Professional Female Voice Actor
        & Top Voice Acting Coach


Types of Voiceover I offer:

  • Commercial

  • Videogames

  • Characters

  • Film

  • Narration

  • Corporate

  • Training

  • eLearning

  • Explainer

  • Podcast

  • IVR Phone Message System

  • Promo

  • Documentary

  • Animation 

  • & More

Additional services:

  • Recording

  • Editing

  • Live Directed sessions 

  • Phone patch

  • ISDN

  • SourceConnect

  • Zoom

  • Google Meet 

  • Microsoft Teams 

  • Skype

  • Playbacks

  • 24-hour turnaround time

  • EQ

  • Music

  • & More

Lisa's Mission 

My primary mission in everything I do as a voice actor is to provide my clients with the best possible voiceover AND the best possible experience working with me to get that killer voiceover. What does this mean? And why should you reach out to me for your voiceover service needs?  



Fast, Efficient, and Friendly Communication

Good communication is the key to success. It is my priority to communicate with my clients in a timely and efficient manner so your work can get done faster and you’re never in the dark. You have so many moving parts to coordinate on the various projects you work on day to day, and poor communication can really things down. With a background in filmmaking and communications, I know this all too well - and that’s exactly why you can count on me for a quick response and quick turnaround. Because making your life simpler is part of my job.



A Personal Touch 

Increasingly, we live in a remote work world. Collaborative meetings have turned into spammy email threads or noisy and inefficient zoom meetings. Lunches with coworkers have turned into UberEats and Netflix. As an extravert who spends her time talking to herself all day for a living, I value human connection with my clients deeply. You guys are awesome! And I love building relationships with my clients on a professional and personal level. Work is just better when you enjoy connecting with the people you work with. Expect a personal touch when you work with me, and feel free to do the same - I’m an open book and I love connecting with creatives and people in all industries. 



Why my Priority is my Clients' Happiness

Everything magical in our world is built through amazing collaboration. This holds true in all industries, but especially in the creative world. The more aligned team members are in their vision and goals the easier the execution of the steps is in order to make success a reality.



Professional Grade High-Quality Sounding Audio

Providing top-quality audio recordings is non-negotiable in voiceover. But in today’s world of remote work, one of the most challenging aspects of hiring remote voiceover talent is knowing you’re receiving high-quality audio. When you hire me, I ensure you’ll always receive exclusively the highest quality audio — and I execute this in two ways. 1, By recording in my professional-grade home recording studio, complete with a sound isolation Whisper Room, a Sennheiser MKH 416 microphone, a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 preamp, professional audio recording software, and uncompressed or compressed audio files in the format of your choosing. And 2, Through my years of experience, I have and continue to commit to developing and refining my technical skills in order to record, edit, and technically conduct smooth, seamless sessions possible. With a bachelor’s degree in Communication with a specialization in sound production, this has been my vision for over a decade. 



Making Voiceover More Human 

As a producer, director, copywriter, advertiser, and creative, your goal is to make a strong connection and lasting impact on your audience. As an actress, my goal is the same. 

More than a narrator, I approach each and every script with wide eyes and an open heart. I always look for the deeper meaning behind the words and use the acting skills I’ve cultivated over the past 20 years to bring your message to life.

Coaching Services

In addition to working as a performer, I also offer custom coaching services. I work with students at every age and every level and have helped hundreds of voiceover artists improve their performances. From breaking down and understanding a script, to building your skills to self-direct in order to submit better auditions, to building your ear and your confidence through practice and a variety of acting tools. Find out more about voiceover coaching with Lisa

More about Lisa

Outside of voiceover I love to travel, live a healthy lifestyle, cook delicious food, and work on my lifestyle blogging career on YouTube, Instagram & TikTok where I talk about health, wellness, fashion, beauty & skincare among other things. 

I'm Montreal born and raised and have never lived anywhere else, though I've visited a grand total of 37 countries. What keeps me inspired to keep travelling is my love of the incredible discovery that comes with it, both about the world and about oneself. Of course, the gorgeous architecture, breathtaking scenery and tasty new food doesn't hurt either.

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  • Black Instagram Icon  |  Tel: +1 514 773 2400

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